Kuboraum 90th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Sun Maske


Color: BM CK Black Matte
Lens: black
Frame Material: hand burnt italian acetate / 100% White silk organza lace, hand-crocheted in Italy
Shape: round
Size: one size
One-of-a-Kind Handmade

Kuboraum EyeCouture Mickey Collection

Inspired by the underground film “24 Hours Mickey in Berlin,” and in honor of the 90th anniversary of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Kuboraum brings us a limited edition collection of entirely handcrafted masks. Featuring patchworks of hand-crotched floral yarn merging into a protective veil, humorous mélange- application of lace layers, pearls, bronze figurines, contrasting screws and motocross elements for that bit of punk attitude, all woven onto handcrafted Kuboraum frames made of carved acetate, complete with UV protection. Kuboraum’s latest Eyecouture pieces blur the boundaries of our fictional and real selves.

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Inspired by constant renewal of form and texture this collection consists of one-of-a-kind masks, individually and meticulously burnt by hand, by master artisans, through a remarkable and complex process, creating unique scorched surfaces and one-of-a-kind masks. Each mark increases their distinctiveness and value.

During the process of burning the acetate, precious Silver, Gold or Bronze elements are integrated into the masks in an ornate elegance. Each piece of jewelry is created to the highest level of craftsmanship, using the finest quality materials in Bronze, 925 Sterling Silver and exclusive 24 Karat Gold.

Besides this burning technique, some masks are also hand-painted and tattooed with brilliant networks of fine-drawn lines by hand. Infused with the spirit of ancient mythology silvery organic shapes are cautiously worked into the frame during the fine process of hand-burning.

This emphasis on surface treatments transforms acetate masks, offering a more organic quality, unveiling the material’s own vitality and livelyness in the piece. Resulting in an elegant piece of eyewear with vivid texture and precious jewellery decorating the frame with an ornate elegance, this mask becomes a treasure of a lost age, a rediscovered relic of the modern world.

Kuboraum is no logo.

The name Kuboraum, german for “cubic rooms,” summarizes the brand’s conception of eyewear as providing a personal room or space for the wearer to express themselves truly, a new dimension where they can feel at ease, comfortable with themselves and the world around them.

Kuboraum are masks designed on the face of those who wear them, masks that highlight personality and emphasize character. The mask is synonymous with mockery, with game. Kuboraum eyewear is not an inanimate and inorganic object but obtains the power of a mask. It changes the perception of self. Those who wear the Kuboraum mask, come to life and accept the challenge to free their identities. It is a mask with it’s own look and power, highlighting the personality and features of the person wearing it.

Monumental, concrete and organic architecture, endless space, bodyscapes, liquid identities, amazement, yugen, ecology of minds, power of masks, satori, infinite languages, shamanic method.

Founded in Berlin in the rooms of a former post office on the border between East and West Berlin.

All masks are entirely dreamed in Berlin and handmade in Italy.